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Midwifery : Childbirth Education


"To change the world, we must first change the way the babies are being born."
Michel Odent


I believe women birth best when supported by compassionate care based on a mutual relationship between woman and midwife. The type of care that builds trust. Care that is based on informed consent and autonomy. 

I believe Birth is a natural and sacred process. A process to be honored. I know through each pregnancy a great transformation takes place and it is here we can change the world.

I offer pregnancy, birth and postpartum care that is individualized. One hour prenatal visits allow us to discuss nutrition, supplements, family dynamics, and hopes and fears. We also discuss what’s done in routine medical care, how the home birth process differs and how it is the same. Partners are encouraged to participate in prenatal visits.

Postpartum Care

I encourage families to seek support from extended family members and community to facilitate a lying in period. This period is a sweet and special time that is simultaneously challenging as you get to know your baby. This time allows for skin to skin contact and learning your baby's cues for feeding. It can be a very helpful time to navigate the emotional highs and lows that happen during the first couple of weeks after birth. Women report better pelvic health when assisted with a more restful postpartum.

Postpartum care includes 3 home visits in the first week after birth focusing on normal newborn care, breastfeeding and supporting the whole family through transition.

I stay current on NRP, CPR certifications.
I am a member of the NACPM.
I am active in the community of Connecticut midwives attending meetings and peer review regularly.
I am constantly reading and taking workshops to stay up to date in current research.

Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about birthing at home with me.

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