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Sacred Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta encapsulation is a special add-on service available to midwifery clients.


Around the world, the placenta is considered sacred by many cultures. It is buried as to tether the child to the earth, to help give the baby with the sense of arriving, becoming grounded and having a connection to the earth. Some placentas and babies have a special song or prayer that only a specific family member knows and has a yearly ritual with. In the US, it is seen as biohazard, medical waste. I would love to see us find the sacredness in this organ and honor it. In whatever capacity a family sees fit for them. I invite you to ask questions and research your own ancestors rituals. I would be happy to assist in that process.

The placenta can be used as medicine and ritual. I am honored to be able to take care of placentas. It’s a miraculous organ, grown specifically for each and every mammal baby. It is the life force.

Mothers who use their placentas as medicine report having:

  • Less Postpartum Depression

  • Increased milk supply

  • Increased energy

  • More balanced hormones


Placenta Remedies and products are made in my home where I use the utmost care and attention to sanitation. No chemicals or other ingredients are EVER in contact with your placenta. 


Products include:

• Capsules from dehydrated placenta

• Tincture 

• Frozen pieces for smoothies

I have been Serve Safe certified and I have taken the Bloodborne Pathogens course through biologix solutions.


Despite a long history of safe placenta consumption, the information here has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. My information is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition. People who choose to consume their placenta take full responsibility for researching and using the remedies.

Please note: this is an add-on service available to current midwifery clients.

If you are interested in exploring midwifery care with me, please reach out at the link below:

Placenta Encapsulation: About
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