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Testemonials: Testimonial


Working with Kara Crawford while growing my family over the last 6 years has been a gift beyond words.  She has been with our family through two homebirths, a home birth-hospital transfer, a miscarriage, along with placenta encapsulation, belly binding, and postpartum doula care...just to sum it up in simple terms.  

She has helped me learn my mothering-way, counseled my husband and I during dark times, laughed with me and helped me heal on so many levels.  Having children was more than just creating a family, it was about authenticity, ownership of the process, radical responsibility, and connecting deeply with my purpose and strength that was not always the most confident.  She was always available to answer questions, I found that if she did not have the exact answer, she would point me in the right direction, and was honest with me in a way that you cannot always find when we live in a world eager to please.  

Kara incorporated my partner, my children, and myself in the journey, it was about us as a system, not just the baby on the way.  I brought my imperfect self to the table and laid out every flaw, every strength, and the parts of my personality that are good, bad, funny, and ugly and she met me where I was and took me and my family along the path of learning how best to birth and bring new life into the world with compassion and love.  

The words of this short testimonial don’t delve into the many layers with each birth, and the loss of one soul early on, she spent so much time, energy, and gave of herself within the partnership more than she probably should.  Within these words are a multitude of memories, words of wisdom, questions, information, and resources that shaped me, my babies, my family into a better version of ourselves as a result of her loving care.  

I remember my post partum period with my second child when I was taking my encapsulated placenta and thinking if I only knew to do this with my first I could have felt this same boost in energy and hint of libido that was ever so missing in my first post partum period.  I've saved about 20 pills to use as I transition through menopause.  I remember being bummed when I was getting to the end of my supply of placenta pills since I really like how I felt taking them. As a pre and post natal physical therapist, I highly recommend placental encapsulation to my patients, anything to ease the transition into motherhood.



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